my great aunt sadie who was debilitated and could never walk was cared for by my grandmother, she would craft complex macrame pieces that now have been given to me, my mom and her two sisters. this is a cyanotype with a simple acrylic painting inspired by a type  biblically accurate angel called a cherubim, often referenced in the book of the prophet ezeikiel, growing up with a strong influence of catholicism is a very private part of my life and looks very different as I evolve. i do not have a name for what describes me spiritually or religiously now, but my upbringing still shows up very prevalent in my morals and how I treat others lovingly

A space that is a portal. Portals give way to growth and perspective shifts. Shifting views, morals, and connections. A shifting box that can adhere to the groups needs that day. As time goes on, artifacts collect in the space that hold meaning to the people within. The space becomes customized to the group who inhabits it.

I Imagine a collective environment where teaching is traded amongst members. Ongoing conversations and exchange of knowledge. Sharing progress on individual projects, experiments, inventions. Writing and passing notes to each other to share thoughts and feelings.

The environment adapts to the group’s emotions and physical being. Maybe what you put forth manifests into a state of "weather climate" either literally or metaphysically. An entity, a deity, a very verbose handwritten letter that shares all its love for you. Provides comfort when it is needed. The portal gives light when there is darkness, and darkness when the light can be too much.

As the group progresses together, more space expands in the portal. Small rooms and nooks, gardens that hold memories and signs of care. Libraries of collected readings. But always in response to the group’s actions. The portal is a mirror of everyone else.