Pulse of Anonymous Memories

Sensor Driven Installation, Digital Illustration, Projection Mapping

In 2017, I was inspired by digitized memories and formed my own gallery of anonymous memories in the form of floating pieces of fabric. Mixing the use of hand-drawn illustrations of angelic entities, the cyanotype depicts the macrame of a family heirloom. The macrame acts as the vessel for a heart rate sensor on a platform. Visitors are invited to place their index finger on the sensor to watch the floating images pulse to the beat of one's own heart rate. The six angelic beings are meant to bring solace and safety, despite their incomprehensible form used to protect humans from evil. The self-driven internal force of a heartbeat acts as the force to drive the pulsating movement of the angelic forms. This connection causes an ebb and flow between fear and safety.

Handmade Dataset

Interactive Web Interface

A handmade dataset as an act of love.
This work is a byproduct of noticing a habit of carefully trying to take in sensory information while in a state of vulnerability and intimacy. In an ironically unromantic manner, I proceeded to think of how to collect data for later retrieval. This is the realization of an interface to collect a moment with a lover. In the process of making this piece, the anticlimatic realism of the concept proves the unattainable goal of repeatability in trying to reconstruct a sacred moment. Even finely tuned data collection and visualization will never reconfigure the moment as it was originally experienced. Only the pure state of mindfulness during a moment of love embodies the moment completely.